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Hiram Hutto - El Dareer Debate - October 1974

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Scott Richardson

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Audio Sermons

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Bible Authority Part I  - Eugene Britnell

Bible Authority Part II - Eugene Britnell

Bible Authority - Donnie Rader

Addictions - David Deason

Christians In Antioch - Scott Richardson

I Am Not Ashamed - Aubrey Belue

Almost Thou Persuadest Me To Be A Christian - Scott Richardson

Asbestos - Eternal Punishment - Scott Richardson

Why Attend Every Assembly Of The Local Church? - Scott Richardson

Able To Save - Scott Richardson

Abraham - Bobby Robinson

Authority In Religion - John Edwards

Ascension - Scott Richardson

Accurately Handling The Word Of Truth - Scott Richardson

The Language Of Ashdod - Scott Richardson

A Matter Of Trust - King Ahaz - Scott Richardson

Would Phillip Have Anxiety? - Scott Richardson

All Authority - Scott Richardson

The Advocate - Scott Richardson

The Ascension And Coronation Of Jesus - Whit Sasser

Avoiding A Post Meeting Let Down - David Sandlin

A Husbands Attitude Toward His Wife - Wes Brown

Abram - Down To Egypt - Scott Richardson


Does It Really Matter What You Believe, Teach & Practice? - Lowell Sallee

All Spiritual Blessings In Christ - Lowell Sallee

The Bible's Claim For Itself - Donnie Rader

Barnabas:  A Powerful Influence - David Deason

Strengthen The Brethren - Granville Tyler

Barnabas - Jeff Archer

What The Bible Says About Itself - Paul Earnhart

Not This Man, But Barabbas - Scott Richardson

They Wouldn't Bend, Bow Or Burn:  Lessons From Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-Nego - Jeff May

"B" Students - Scott Richardson

Bargain Hunting - Scott Richardson

That You May Believe - Scott Richardson

Bringing My Body Into Subjection - John Edwards

Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?  John Edwards

That You May Believe - Scott Richardson

Beatitudes - Scott Richardson

That You May Believe - Scott Richardson

Sight From A Blind Man - Scott Richardson

That You May Believe - Scott Richardson

Bible Translations - Scott Richardson

They Do Not Believe In Him - Why? - Scott Richardson

Creeds On Baptism - Bob Hutto

The Man Born Blind - Scott Richardson

The Far-Reaching Benefits Of Good Behavior - Whit Sasser

Power Of The Blood - Scott Richardson

The Blind Men - Matthew 9:27-31 - Ed Bragwell

The Birds & Lilies - Matthew 6:25-34 - David Cox

Blessed Endurance - Scott Richardson

Blessed - Scott Richardson


Challenges Of The 21st Century - Bill Hall

Total Commitment To The Service Of Christ - Lowell Sallee

Building The Bond Between Parents & Children - Jim Deason

The Challenge Of A Mid-Life Crisis - Donnie Rader

The New Testament Church - Donnie Rader

Church Discipline - David Deason

What Will The Church Do For My Family - Frank Jamerson

Christ And New Hermeneuties - Frank Jamerson

The Church As A Family - Frank Jamerson

The Cross Of Christ - Gary Kerr

A Church Like ... - Gary Kerr

Willingness To Continue - Nick Sandlin

Colossians 2:3-4  - Lynn Headrick

Requirements For Being A Follower Of Christ - Lynn Headrick

Counsel From An Old Christian To My Little Children Part I - Lynn Headrick

Counsel From An Old Christian To My Little Children Part II - Lynn Headrick

Caleb - Norm Webb, Jr.

How Do You See The Church? - Paul Earnhart

Challenges To Faith In The 21st Century - Paul Earnhart

Consequences Of Our Sins - Josh Overton

Christians In Galatia:  Power And Grace - Scott Richardson

Christ Risen From The Dead - Scott Richardson

Christians - Saved People - Scott Richardson

In Christ - Scott Richardson

Christians In Caesarea - Scott Richardson

Cain - Anatomy Of Sin - Scott Richardson

The Church:  God's Hospital - Jeff May

Citizens Of The Kingdom - Scott Richardson

Who Is A Christian? - Scott Richardson

Who Is A Christian?  Part II - Scott Richardson

Who Is A Christian?  Part III - Scott Richardson

Who Is A Christian?  Part IV - Scott Richardson

Who Is A Christian?  Part V - Scott Richardson

Christ Last Words - Scott Richardson

Comforting Words Of Jesus - Scott Richardson

C-H-U-R-C-H - Scott Richardson

What I Owe The Local Church - John Edwards

Keeping The Church Pure - John Edwards

The Crucifixion - Scott Richardson

Christians In Laodicia - Scott Richardson

The Trial Of Christ - Roy Cogdill

Imitation Of Christ - Scott Richardson

Calling On The Name Of The Lord - Scott Richardson

Where's The Cross? - Scott Richardson

Seven Churches Part I - Scott Richardson

Seven Churches Part II - Scott Richardson

Seven Churches Part III - Scott Richardson

Seven Churches Part IV - Scott Richardson

You Should Attend Every Assembly Of The Church - Whit Sasser

The Centurion's Servant - Luke 7:1-10 - Johnny Richardson

Examples Of A Chain - Scott Richardson

The Greatness Of The Church - Scott Richardson

Why Did Christ Die? - Scott Richardson

Philosophy Of The Cross - Scott Richardson

Adam & Christ Similarities - Scott Richardson

Christ's Church And Denominations - Scott Richardson

Christian - Scott Richardson

The Christian's Morality - Dave Brewer

The Church In Exile - Dave Brewer

Christ Died Needlessly - Scott Richardson

The Inclusiveness And Exclusiveness Of Living The Christian Life - Scott Richardson

The Offense Of The Cross - Scott Richardson

The Symbolism Of The Cross - Scott Richardson

The Church:  The Fullness Of God Part I - Whit Sasser

The Church:  The Fullness Of God Part II - Whit Sasser

Confession Is Good For The Soul - Whit Sasser

The Cross Of Christ - Stefan Richardson

Problems In The Church  - Aubrey Belue

Why So Many Churches? - John Edwards

Carnally Minded - Scott Richardson


Hiram Hutto - El Dareer Debate - October 1974

Shall We Dance Part I - Phillip Owens

Shall We Dance Part II - Phillip Owens

Dangers We Face In The Information Age - Bill Hall

Dangers Facing The Non-Traditionalist - Bill Hall

Daily Challenges Of A Christian - Lowell Sallee

Do I Have To? - Gary Kerr

Does It Make A Difference What One Believes? -  Donnie Rader

Doing The Best I Can - Paul Loggins

It Can't Be Done - Mark Griggs

Life Of David - David Deason

Decisions - David Deason

David's Resolutions For A Holy Life - Psalms 101 - David Deason

Rewards Of Discipleship - Frank Jamerson

It's The Differences That Makes The Difference - E. R. Hall Jr.

Principles For Proper Dress - Wes Brown

Daniel - Wendell Wiser

David Behaved Himself Wisely - David Sandlin

How To Die Right - Scott Richardson

The Digression Of A People Known Of God - David Sandlin

Does Doctrine Matter Anymore? - Bob Hutto

Deaf In Decapolis - Scott Richardson

Our Duty To Hear The Word Of God - David Sandlin

The Call Of Duty - Whit Sasser

The Demon In The Synagogue - Luke 4:33-36 - Leon Mauldin

The Demon Across The Sea - Mark 5:1-20 - Mike Merritt

Damascus - Scott Richardson

The Difference Between The Wise & The Foolish - Wes Brown

Dogmatic - Scott Richardson

Why Be A Disciple Of Christ? - David Sandlin

The Divine Nature  - Dave Brewer

Death  - Dave Brewer

Claims Of Deity  - Dave Brewer


Erosion Of A Life - Donnie Rader

The Spirit And Power Of Elijah - David Deason

Eternity - Nick Sandlin

Ephesians Chapter 2 - Nick Sandlin

Ezekiel - Daniel Tucker

Esther - Edwin Crozier

Edom And The World Of Pride - Scott Richardson

Edom And The World Of Hatred - Scott Richardson

Edom And Worldly Wisdom - Scott Richardson

Edom And The Rejection Of Christ - Scott Richardson

I'm Not Exceptional - Scott Richardson

Elijah - Scott Richardson

Where Christians Met In Ephesus Part I - Scott Richardson

Ensamples Written For Our Admonition - John Edwards


God Will Forgive - Lowell Sallee

Real Friends - Gary Kerr

The Fear Of God - Joel Ellis

The Family Of God - David Deason

Light The Fire - David Deason

Do You Believe God To Be Faithful? - Nick Sandlin

Faithfulness Of God - Nick Sandlin

Characters Of Faith - Nick Sandlin

A Father God Can Use - Wes Brown

Who Are We Fooling - Lynn Headrick

Joseph & Mary - Footsteps Of Faith - Scott Richardson

Fear God And Be Unafraid - Jeff May

Forgiveness - Scott Richardson

The Father's Testimony Through Scripture - Scott Richardson

The Faithfulness Of God - David Sandlin

The Catch Of Fish - Phillip Owens

Be Thou Faithful Until Death - Tim Hamilton

Friend Part 1 - Scott Richardson

Friend Part 2 - Scott Richardson

Friend Part 3 - Scott Richardson

Faith In Christ Not The World - Scott Richardson

The Christian's Struggle With Faith - Donnie Rader

Luke 17:5 Increase Our Faith - Dave Brewer

Being Faithful To God - Dave Brewer

Footsteps Of Faith:  To Egypt & To Nazareth - Scott Richardson

He Considered Me Faithful - Scott Richardson

Faith - Scott Richardson

Fighting Against God - Scott Richardson

Foundation Of Our Faith Part II - David Sandlin

Faith - Hebrews 11  - Dave Brewer


The "God Just Wants Me To Be Happy" Syndrome - David Deason

Is Your God Able...? - David Brewer

Godly Love - Scott Richardson

Giving And The Church Treasury - Frank Jamerson

The Gospel Is For The Alien And Citizen - Lynn Headrick

Elements Of A Gospel Meeting - Lynn Headrick

The God Who Is Very Near To Us - Paul Earnhart

Glorifying God - Aubrey Belue

Let Us Change God Into Our Image - Scott Richardson

Riches Of His Grace - Scott Richardson

The Severity Of God - John Edwards

The Grace Of God Has Appeared - Jerry Curry

God And Man - Scott Richardson

Good & Evil - Aubrey Belue

He Has Borne Our Griefs  - Bob Hutto

Our Guide - Scott Richardson

The Grace Of God - David Sandlin

To The Unknown God Part I - Whit Sasser

To The Unknown God Part II - Whit Sasser

God's Law And Man's Obedience (1) - Scott Richardson

God's Law And Man's Obedience (2) - Scott Richardson

God's Law And Man's Obedience (3) - Scott Richardson

God's Law And Man's Obedience (4) - Scott Richardson

God's Law - Scott Richardson

God's Promises - Scott Richardson

Good Looking And Intelligent - Scott Richardson

The Two Gates - Matthew 7:12-14 - Bob Watson

Have We Grown Closer To God This Year? - David Sandlin

Godly Sorrow - Wes Brown

God Unshaken - Scott Richardson

God Is With Us  - Aubrey Belue

The Being Of God  - Aubrey Belue

Going The Way Of All The Earth - John Edwards

Great Things In Acts 8 - John Edwards

One God  - David Sandlin


Citizenship In Heaven - Greg Chandler

The Husband God Demands - Gary Kerr

Building The Bond Between Husbands & Wives - Jim Deason

Eternal Hell - Donnie Rader

Hannah - Lance Taylor

What Is That In Your Hand? - Scott Richardson

What Is Heaven All About - Paul Earnhart

What Happens When You Don't Learn From History - Scott Richardson

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part I - Scott Richardson

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part II - Scott Richardson

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part III - Scott Richardson

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part IV - Scott Richardson

The Greatness Of Hezekiah - Scott Richardson

Heaven - David Sandlin

Walking Humbly With God - Jerry Curry

He Is Not Here, He Has Risen - Bob Hutto

The Hardening Of The Human Heart - Donnie Rader

Happy - Scott Richardson

Preparation Of The Heart - David Sandlin

The Two Houses Matthew 7:21-29 - Paul Earnhart

Veils On Our Hearts - Scott Richardson

Perfecting Holiness - Scott Richardson

Going Home - Scott Richardson

What Gives Us Happiness? - Wes Brown

Haggai Struggles Of Rebuilding - Wes Brown

Holy Holy Holy - Whit Sasser

Your Heart Is Not Right - Scott Richardson

The Home At The Beginning - John Edwards

Why All The Confusion Concerning The Holy Spirit - John Edwards


Issues Of The 50's & 60's Part I -  Bill Hall

Issues Of The 50's & 60's Part II - Bill Hall

Becoming A Person Of Influence - David Deason

The Gospel According To Isaiah - Scott Richardson

I AM - Scott Richardson

Isaac - Bobby Ray Hudson

Inauguration - The Coming Of The Kingdom - Scott Richardson

Interpretation Fundamental Considerations - Scott Richardson

Interpretation:  The Great Value In Studying The Bible - Scott Richardson

Interpretation:  Personal Needs In Understanding - Scott Richardson

The Man With An Illness John 5:1-9 - Whit Sasser

Institutional Mindset - Scott Richardson


Jesus Christ Our Hero - David Deason

The Prayer Of Jabez - Gary Kerr

The Character Of Job - Nick Sandlin

What Does Jesus Mean To You? - Lynn Headrick

The Work Of The Church At Jackson Drive - Owen Griggs & Malcolm Andrews

Jeroboam's Barren Battle - Scott Richardson

Jeremiah - Jeremy Paschall

Joseph - David Cox

Jesus - Aaron Andrews

What It Means To Believe In Jesus - Paul Earnhart

Wonderful Jesus - Scott Richardson

Jubilee - Scott Richardson

Jacob - Jordan Lovell

Jeroboam II - Scott Richardson

Joshua - Gilbert Alexander

Jesus Christ My Servant - Scott Richardson

Who Is Jesus?  - Scott Richardson

Jehoshaphat - Scott Richardson

Who Wants To Be Like Jesus?  David Sandlin

Misunderstanding Jesus - Dave Brewer

The Queen And Jonah - Matthew 12:38-42 - Jeff Archer

Lessons From The Story Of Jonah - David Sandlin

Specifically Of Jesus - The Messiah (Christ)  - Aubrey Belue

Jesus' Questions - Scott Richardson

Jehonadab - Scott Richardson

Seeing Jesus - Scott Richardson

Joel - A Minor Prophet - Scott Richardson

Jonah - A Minor Prophet - Scott Richardson


Give Us A King - Tim Hamilton

The Book Of Knowledge - Scott Richardson

Keep Back Thy Servant From Presumptuous Sins - Scott Richardson


Are You Lost? - Lowell Sallee

The Lost Son - Lowell Sallee

Living According To Plan B - David Deason

Where Love Is In The Home - Frank Jamerson

The Love Of God - Nick Sandlin

Living The Lord's Supper - Scott Richardson

A Light To My Path - Scott Richardson

The Lamb - Scott Richardson

The Well Orchestrated Life - Scott Richardson

Are You Listening? - Scott Richardson

Light - Scott Richardson

Lying Is A Capital Crime - Whit Sasser

The Leper Cleansed - Gary Patton

Life Going Well - Donnie Rader

Looking For Jesus - Scott Richardson

Look For A Man - Dave Brewer

A Living Letter - Scott Richardson

Lord, That I May See - David Sandlin

The Leaven And Meal - Matthew 13:33-35 - Robert Fudge

Live Long And Prosper - Scott Richardson

Legalist  - Dave Brewer


Modesty - Being A Holy People - David Sandlin

Meditation - David Deason

Mark These People - Gary Kerr

Mary The Mother Of Jesus - E. R. Hall Jr.

Unlawful Marriages - Wes Brown

In The Perfect Monument We See...- Scott Richardson

Affair-Proofing Your Marriage - John Edwards

Moses - Everett Conn

Messiah - Scott Richardson

Mary & Martha - John Gibson

Miracles Of Christ - Scott Richardson

Manifested:  Stating The Obvious - Scott Richardson

Moses And Christ - Scott Richardson

The Strength Of His Might - Scott Richardson

Spending Money On What Is Not Bread  - Bob Hutto

Miracle At Cana:  Water To Wine - Daniel Tucker

Are You In The Minority?  David Sandlin

The Foundation Of A Great Marriage - Donnie Rader

The Mote & Beam - Matthew 7:1-5 - Randall Hammock

The Merchant And Pearl - Matthew 13:45-46 - Bobby Robinson

The Mustard Tree And Birds - Matthew 13:31-32 - Douglas Eubanks

Malachi - David Sandlin


What's In Your Name? - David Deason

Do You Love Your Neighbor? - Paul Earnhart

Noah - Warren Glass

The Nobleman's Son - Gary Carter, Sr.

A New Creature - Scott Richardson

Lessons From Nehemiah 8 - Dave Brewer

No Child Left Behind - Whit Sasser

What's In A Name? - Scott Richardson


How Do You Measure Obedience? - E. R. Hall Jr.

In A Good Old Age - Wes Brown

The Old Man Who Wanted A Mountain - Scott Richardson

Open Windows - Scott Richardson

Obeying God Completely - David Sandlin

What Is Happening To Your Ox? - Donnie Rader

Opposition Due To:  Doctrine, Guilt & Loss Of Evil Gain - Wes Brown

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice - Whit Sasser


Competing For The Prize - Gary Kerr

Some Things That Promote Peace - Gary Kerr

Building The Bond Between Parents & Children - Jim Deason

Pointing To Pentecost - David Deason

The Church At Philadelphia - David Deason

Paul's Inventory Of The Soul - David Deason

The Rewarded Prophet - David Deason

The Prophet Of Discouragement - David Deason

The Prophet Of Confrontation - David Deason

Why Was Paul Effective? - David Deason

How Good Parents Have Bad Children - Frank Jamerson

The Problem Of Pain - Gary Kerr

Almost You Persuade Me - E. R. Hall Jr.

We As A Royal Priesthood - Nick Sandlin

Preaching Jesus -- Consolation Of Israel - Scott Richardson

Peter - Bert Wilson

Paul - Eugene Britnell

Preaching Jesus -- The Lord's Own Name - Scott Richardson

The Church At Philippi - Scott Richardson

Preeminence - Scott Richardson

Peddling The Word Of God - Scott Richardson

Preaching Jesus:  The Physician - Scott Richardson

Preaching Jesus:  Son Of David - Scott Richardson

It Passes Away - Scott Richardson

Psalms 40 - Scott Richardson

The Paralyzed Man And His Friends - Scott Richardson

Preparing & Overcoming Bad Times - Will Stevenson

Our Purpose In Life - David Sandlin

Pilate:  The Man & The Mess - What Shall I Do With Jesus? - Scott Richardson

Introduction To The Book Of Philippians - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 1 - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 2 - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 3 - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 4 - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 5 - Paul Earnhart

Lessons From The Book Of Philippians Part 6 - Paul Earnhart

The Physician And Bridegroom - Matthew 9:9-17 - Tony Hudson

A Changed Priesthood - Scott Richardson

How Reconcile The Presence Of Pain In The World With The Loving, All Powerful God? - Wes Brown

Paul A Pattern - Scott Richardson

Do You Believe In Prayer? - Whit Sasser

Contrast: They Went About Preaching The Word - Scott Richardson

Hold Fast The Pattern - John Edwards

Please, Please - Scott Richardson

Of Him All The Prophets Bear Witness - Scott Richardson

Proper Attitudes In Evangelism  - Dave Brewer

Psalms 73  - Dave Brewer

And Some Of Them Were Persuaded  - Scott Richardson




The Resurrection - Hiram Hutto

Finishing The Race - David Deason

Where Is My Reverence? - David Deason

Why Could They Rejoice? - David Deason

Safety In Religion - Gary Kerr

Gimme That Show Time Religion - E. R. Hall Jr.

On Being Righteous In The Sight Of God - Lynn Headrick

Practical Aspects Of Being Righteous - Lynn Headrick

Reverence - Wes Brown

Ruth - Jeremiah McElyea

New Religion - Scott Richardson

Refuge - Scott Richardson

The Resurrection - Scott Richardson

Rahab - Gregg Legg

Road To Ruin - Scott Richardson

The Message Of The Revelation - Jerry Curry

Jesus As Presented In The Revelation - Jerry Curry

Satan As Presented In The Revelation - Jerry Curry

Understanding Revelation 20 - Jerry Curry

Apostasy As Seen Among The Churches Of Asia - Jerry Curry

Remember Antipas - Jerry Curry

When "I" Do Right - Scott Richardson

Rejoice In The Lord - Bob Hutto

Repentance - Scott Richardson

Raising The Dead - Scott Richardson

What Ruth Did Because Of Love - Scott Richardson

The Righteousness Of God - Scott Richardson

Because Of The Bible...We Can Know Righteousness - Scott Richardson

How Can A Man Be Right With God? - Wes Brown


What Saves Us - Lowell Sallee

What Does It Mean To Serve God? - Gary Kerr

Confronting The Reality Of Persistent Sin - Joel Ellis

Defeating The Desire To Sin - Joel Ellis

Saul:  A Vision That Changed His Life - David Deason

Our Crowded Schedules - Donnie Rader

God's Rules For Success - David Deason

The Sins Of A Good Moral Man - David Deason

To Busy For Spiritual Things - David Deason

Strangers And Pilgrims - Gary Kerr

The Fruit Of The Spirit - Norman Saayman

The Value Of Shame - E. R. Hall Jr.

At What Is Your Spirit Stirred? - Lynn Headrick

Solomon - Eric Reynolds

We Are Plagued By A Dreadful Disease - Sin - Scott Richardson

Solomon's Divided Heart - Scott Richardson

Stephen - Andrew Roberts

Leading Spiritual Indicators - Greg Chandler

Defining The Sacred - Aubrey Belue

Soldiers Of Christ, Arise! - David Sandlin

Soul Winning - John Edwards

Sincere - Scott Richardson

Samuel - Jackie Richardson

Samson - Scott Richardson

Spiritual Nutrition - Scott Richardson

Who Is The Spirit?  Part I - Scott Richardson

Who Is The Spirit?  Part II - Scott Richardson

Who Is The Spirit?  Part III - Scott Richardson

How Does The Spirit Dwell? - Scott Richardson

Because Of Selfishness - Scott Richardson

Slamming The Door In People's Faces - Donnie Rader

Sexually Attractive Dress - Donnie Rader

The Success Of Sin - Dave Brewer

Surely Not I, Lord? - Scott Richardson

What Must I Do To Be Saved?  Part I - David Sandlin

What Must I Do To Be Saved?  Part II - David Sandlin

The Sheep And Wolves - Matthew 10:1-28 - Steve Klein

The Sparrow And Hairs - Matthew 10:29-33 - Aaron Andrews

The Sower And Seed - Matthew 13:3-23 - Greg Chandler

Salvation To The Uttermost - Scott Richardson

Stumblingblocks - Tim Hamilton

Singing Spiritual Songs - David Sandlin

Spiritual Mindedness  - Aubrey Belue

Increasing In Strength - Scott Richardson

Sorrow - Success - Scott Richardson

Seek And You Will Find - Scott Richardson

Spiritually Minded - Scott Richardson

Spiritual Knowledge  - Dave Brewer


Time - Gary Kerr

Caught Among The Thorns - E. R. Hall Jr.

On Being Teachable - Lynn Headrick

Truth - Nick Sandlin

Travel Directions From Peter - Scott Richardson

Continuing In Truth - David Sandlin

The Time Was Right - Scott Richardson

The Testimony For Jesus' Resurrection - Scott Richardson

I Saw The Lord Sitting On A Throne  - Bob Hutto

Walking In Truth - Scott Richardson

Lessons From Titus - David Sandlin

Terror Strikes - Scott Richardson

Man's Thinking - Scott Richardson

The Tares And Wheat - Matthew 13:24-43 - Norm Webb, Jr.

Tests Of Faith - Scott Richardson

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth - Scott Richardson

Lessons From Tychicus - Scott Richardson

This One Thing I Do - John Edwards

Trials And Hope - David Sandlin


The Umpire - Scott Richardson

Unity - Scott Richardson

Unity In The Early Church - David Sandlin

In The Upper Room With Jesus - Bob Hutto

Unity:  Understanding Self - Scott Richardson

Unshaken The Christ - Scott Richardson

Unshaken His Promise - Scott Richardson

Lessons For The Upper Room - Whit Sasser


What Visitors Have A Right To Expect - Gary Kerr

Vanity - Scott Richardson


Conquering The Habit Of Habitual Weakness - Joel Ellis

Building The Bond Between Husbands & Wives - Jim Deason

The Challenge Of Worldliness Part I - David Deason

The Challenge Of Worldliness Part II - David Deason

The Perfect Worship Service - David Deason

A Word From The Wise - David Deason

Tradition And Contemporary Worship - Frank Jamerson

So Shall My Word Be - E. R. Hall Jr.

Worry - Nick Sandlin

Condition Of The World Past And Present - Nick Sandlin

If Only All Would Hear The Word Of The Lord - Lynn Headrick

He Who Is Wise Wins Souls - Scott Richardson

Who Are We? - Paul Williams

What's In It For Me? - Scott Richardson

The Widow's Son - Lonnie Oldag

The Woman Bent Double - Scott Richardson

The Water As A Walkway - Scott Richardson

Wisdom And Judgment - Donnie Rader

Working For Wisdom & Singing - Scott Richardson

Working For Wisdom (3):  Staying On Track The How? - Scott Richardson

Walking With God - Scott Richardson

Watch - Scott Richardson

What Not To Put Away & What To Put Away - Sunday Ayandare

What Are You Filled With? - Scott Richardson

The Way - Scott Richardson

Were, Are, And Will Be - Scott Richardson

The Will Of God - Scott Richardson

Wisdom That Leads To Salvation - Scott Richardson




To Whom You Yield Yourselves - David Sandlin

You Can Have It All - Complete In Christ - Scott Richardson

You Are A God Who Sees - Scott Richardson


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