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The Home At The Beginning  - John Edwards

Why All The Confusion Concerning The Holy Spirit  - John Edwards

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Hold Fast The Pattern  - John Edwards


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March 2, 2014


Our Values

Values are a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. Our values define who we are. They guide our actions and behavior. They play a central role in every choice and decision we make. Here are eight values that ought to underpin everything we do.

God Comes First, Period. God spake these words to Israel, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Jesus said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matthew 22:37). Matthew 6:33 records, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness …” Before everything and everyone, God is first and foremost. Before work. Before play. Even before family. “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me” (Matthew 10:37). He deserves nothing less.

The Bible Is the Final Authority in Every Issue. It is our northern star, compass, and GPS. Where it leads, we follow. The Scriptures are God-breathed and equip us to every good work (2Timothy 3:16‑17). Within its pages are “… all things that pertain unto life and godliness …” (2Peter 1:3). “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward” (Psalm 19:7-11). Therefore, the principles of the Bible are our principles. The word of God is the standard of right and wrong.

The Church Is the Greatest of Institutions. It is according to God’s eternal purpose (Ephesians 3:10-11). It was built by the Son of the living God (Matthew 16:18). It was purchased with the precious blood of Christ (Acts 20:28). Christ is the Saviour of it (Ephesians 5:23). It will be delivered up to God at the end (1Corinthians 15:24). Membership in the Lord’s church is the highest blessing and greatest privilege in life.

The Home As God Would Have It. One man for one woman for life is the relationship established by God at the beginning (Genesis 2:18-24). Fornication, adultery, polygamy, no-fault divorce, same-sex relationships and the like are contrary to divine revelation. The role of man as husband and father is to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it (Ephesians 5:25) and to bring up his children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). The place of woman as wife and mother is to love her husband and her children (Titus 2:4).

Treat Others As If We Were the Others. The Golden Rule states, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12).

Say What We Mean and Do What We Say. Act with integrity. Keep your word. “… He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not” (Psalm 15:4). “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil” (Matthew 5:37).

Take Personal Accountability. Admit mistakes. Avoid blaming others. “But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons” (Colossians 3:25).

By Love Serve One Another. Galatians 5:13, “… use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”
May the values represented in the word of God be reflected in our lives. They are the greatest values of all!

—John Isaac Edwards

Is It Reasonable to Believe the Creation Account?

The fact that you and I are able to consider such a question is quite astounding in and of itself. The word “reasonable” suggests based on good sense. There is no question about it, man is a reasonable being. He is able to think, understand, and form judgments by a logical process. How did man acquire such power of the mind?

What the Bible Says. The Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). The account of this creation is recorded in the first two chapters of the Bible. Exodus 20:11 affirms, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day …” On day six of the creation week, “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:26‑27). Thus, man was formed; a full-grown, highly-skilled, intelligent and intellectual person. He was given the capacity to reproduce (Genesis 1:28), able to tend a garden (Genesis 2:15), placed under a system of law (Genesis 2:16-17), possessed the power of language (Genesis 2:20), the privilege of choice (Genesis 3:1‑6), and the ability to feel fear, guilt and shame (Genesis 3:8-10). How did man develop the ability to reason? The Creator endowed him with that power when He made him in His own image at the beginning.

What Man Says. Man theorizes that the universe was created in an enormous explosion nearly 14 billion years ago and that all phases, forms, and grades of life that now exist evolved from a single cell. We are told that original cell was a non-sex cell and that upon millions and millions of years it accidentally divided itself and became a dual cell, male and female. Through a process of evolution that took place over millions of years, here we are.

Which is more reasonable, what the Bible says or what man says? That is for you to decide. How do you account for your ability to reason, not to mention all the order and design in the universe around us? Is it by chance or the result of Almighty God? “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Hebrews 11:3). What the Bible says is more reasonable than alternative explanations of man.

— John Isaac Edwards

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