We are happy to announce beginning February 7, 2010 that Scott Richardson will begin preaching for The Jackson Drive Church Of Christ.


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What Do You Do For Fun?

Several years ago a very sweet Christian girl told me about an incident with a young man who had been asking to date her.

He was not a member of the church and they just did not have anything in common. She had turned him down twice and now she had said "no" to attending a rock concert with him.

In mock exasperation the young man asked: "What do you do for fun? You donít dance, you donít drink alcohol, you donít attend rock concertsÖWhat do you do for fun?"

Her response was a classic message for all Christians with conviction. She told him: "For fun I get up in the morning without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty about what I did the night before." The young man had nothing more to say.

It is true. That is fun! Come to think of it, there are many things in her life that are fun. She is married now to a fine Christian man. They have a little girl and are building an outstanding Christian home together.

She is having fun every day not having to live with the affliction of deep scars and regrets from her past. It is fun getting all prettied up each afternoon to receive a husband home from work, knowing that he will not be stopping off at a local bar for a few drinks with the fellows.

It is fun knowing that while he is away from her, his Christian conduct will not allow infidelity or even flirting. It is fun watching him hold his little girl on his lap with loving protecting arms. It is fun knowing that her little girl will never see her father in a drunken stupor or experimenting with drugs. It is fun living with the assurance that the home will be led by a spiritual leader who will guide each family member toward heaven.

The list of fun things for Christians is endlessÖWhat do you do for fun?

-Via Beacon

-Bellview church of Christ bulletin


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